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3 reasons why you should install a renewable technology, despite the Northern Ireland Renewables Obligation scheme closure.

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3 reasons why you should install a renewable technology, despite the Northern Ireland Renewables Obligation scheme closure.

The Northern Ireland Renewables Obligation scheme is now closed to new participants in Northern Ireland. However, there are many other benefits to installing renewable energy technology, including; reducing your energy bills, helping NI become more energy secure, and fighting one of the biggest threats to our generation and future generations. Just a few of the many reasons it is worthwhile installing a renewable technology:

1. To save money

The installation of renewable energy technologies around your home, such as solar photovoltaics (PV) panels or combined heat and power (CHP) boilers, could mean no more sky-high electricity bills. You would have your own local electricity source meaning you reduce the amount of electricity you import from the grid, saving yourself volatile fuel prices. An average domestic PV system can supply around half of a home’s electricity requirements.

If you export the electricity you produce to the grid, a power trading agreement would allow you to get paid for this, generating more income for your household.

2. To increase Northern Ireland's energy security

There is a lot of uncertainty in Northern Ireland. We are highly dependent on energy generated outside NI, importing 87% of our primary energy requirement. As a result, we can be subject to wild fluctuations in prices due to geopolitical instability, such as Brexit, currently, which will filter down to customers.

The installation of renewable energy technologies harnesses our own indigenous wealth of energy, particularly wind power. By diversifying the energy mix, NI can become more self-sufficient and its energy sector less affected by global politics. This also provides local employment which will support our local economy.

3. To combat climate change

Climate change is now considered one of the largest threats to both today's society and the health of future generations. Our reliance on burning finite fossil fuels is causing temperatures to rise at an unprecedented rate, something which is already causing a myriad of problems, such as increased sea levels threatening low lying coastal areas and more frequent and extreme weather events.

Every switch to renewable power helps limit the level of warming our planet is experiencing. Renewable energy technologies harness resources that are free and infinite, making them sustainable for the future.

Although the Renewables Obligation scheme is closed, the installation of renewable energy is far from pointless. These technologies can save you money through reducing your energy bills and preventing you from being subject to increasing energy prices. Relying on traditional fossil fuel sources for energy, like coal, oil, or gas, is not sustainable for the future. These resources are finite and so their extraction from the ground is only going to get more expensive.

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