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AREA presents 'Energy Efficiency', in association with Coca-Cola.

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AREA presents 'Energy Efficiency', in association with Coca-Cola.

As the global demand for energy continues to rise, so does its impact on the environment, the economy and our own financial costs. With this, the energy we consume in both our homes and businesses becomes increasingly important. To help raise awareness of this, AREA was pleased to present ‘Energy Efficiency,’ in association with Coca-Cola. Held at Coca-Cola HBC in Lisburn on the 15th of February, guest speaker’s Dr Patrick Waterfield, Gary Stewart, Eddie Kerr, Eddie McGoldrick and Andrew Robinson were invited to share their knowledge on energy efficient technology, industrial processes and solutions that they have introduced to become more economical and environmentally resourceful with their energy usage.

‘Passive Homes’
Opening the seminar was Dr Patrick Waterfield, an energy consultant. Focusing on one of his two passive homes, he presented a case study of his home in Rosbeg, Co. Donegal. Built with a view to being forward thinking, Dr Waterfield outlined that 10 years on, his house has achieved the Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) standard. Although not ‘Passivhaus’ registered, he emphasised that his Donegal home is built to a similar level of performance. Summarising its features, which include no longer having to rely on oil or gas and achieving zero carbon heating, he highlighted that his home has taken part in previous NZEB Open Doors events - where the doors of low energy homes and commercial/non-residential buildings are opened to members of the public. Dr Waterfield is hopeful that it will inspire more people to experience and start their own projects.

‘Setting new standards in Sustainable Manufacturing’
Gary Stewart, acting Sustainability Manager at Coca-Cola HBC spoke about the company’s 2020 vision. First giving an overview of the Knockmore Hill site, he outlined that their commitment to sustainability is now embedded within their annual corporate strategy. With a company focus on the key environmental targets of reducing waste, water and energy usage, Gary discussed some of their 2020 sustainability initiatives including; remaining a 100% zero waste company, challenging themselves to reach 31g of CO2 which will mean a 64% drop in emissions since 2010, and aiming to meet a water use ratio of 1.47L per every 1L bottle, a 21% drop since 2010. Looking to the future, Gary announced that since the launch of their ‘2025 commitments’ the company are focused on accelerating their journey to reduce carbon emissions, water and waste usage whilst continuing to source responsibly.

‘Sustainable Development within the Health Service Industry’
Eddie Kerr, Specialist Engineering and Energy Manager for the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust (SEHSCT) guided attendees through the importance of sustainable development principles to the Health Trust, before discussing BREEAM (Building Research Establishments Environmental Assessment Method) - a sustainability assessment method for infrastructure and buildings. Eddie established that the trust has achieved the BREEAM standard of very good/excellent on new builds along with other achievements, such as multiple gas to oil conversions in the South East and PIR/LEDs being installed as standard. With future targets to introduce battery storage integration and plans to increase their borehole licence in line with new buildings, Eddie stated that they hope to achieve further cost savings and carbon emission reductions. He concluded that at the core of their sustainability initiatives, everything they do is geared towards public health and ensuring positive patient outcomes. Take a look at our recent interview with Eddie, about his role here.

The Energy Storage Co.
Eddie McGoldrick from PowerOn Technologies discussed his early stage growth company ‘The Energy Storage Co’. Operating in Northern Ireland for 3 years, Eddie outlined that his company has initiated the first and only field trial, supplying and installing battery storage in Northern Ireland. He highlighted that customers can manage and control their energy production through an app, emphasising that for the first time, consumers are able to play an active role in buying and selling the electricity they produce. Eddie acknowledged that as people are becoming more conscious of climate change and are now looking for ways to consume efficiently, the company are optimistic about the future of Energy Storage Co. and are aiming to move into the Republic of Ireland market later in the year.

Boomer – Specialist Extrusion Solutions
Closing the event was Andrew Robinson, Managing Director of Boomer Industries. The company, that makes products for modular buildings, bus, coach and caravan systems has faced many challenges. From competition abroad to raw material and energy costs, Andrew outlined that over the last 3-4 years, they have introduced the ‘Boomer Energy Efficiency Scheme’ as a result. Taking the audience through a range of their initiatives, such as installing Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and replacing their Chiller plant, Andrew emphasised that these actions, among many others have allowed them to save over £46.2k per annum. Stating that these significant savings were made by simply looking inward at the business, Andrew aims to continue to provide agility to customers and clients whilst becoming more energy efficient in the process.

As the seminar came to an end, attendees had the opportunity to participate in a Q&A session. 

The next AREA seminar will look at the topic of "Carbon Management" and will take place on the 14th May 2019. If you would like to find out more about this event and joining the Action Renewables Energy Association, you can get in touch with Ian Gordon on 028 9072 7777 or email 

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