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We are Hiring Technical Interns!

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We are Hiring Technical Interns!

We are currently seeking applications for two Technical Interns, to commence from 1st September 2018 onwards, for up to a period of 12-months.

At Action Renewables, we are widely recognised as the foremost authority on renewable energy in Northern Ireland. Our charitable objectives are to work to create the conditions necessary to facilitate the increased penetration of renewable energy in Northern Ireland, in order to provide a sustainable solution to our future energy needs, to bring enhanced fuel security, safeguard future energy costs and help combat the impending threat of climate change.

We work directly with those who are actively seeking to install renewable technologies both at the largest scale - developers of wind farms, solar, biomass and other major infrastructure projects and those who wish to install on the smallest scale, for example on a new build or existing dwelling. We are involved in a detailed interaction with a full range of parties including; developers, constructors, consultants, installers, customers, suppliers and the various bodies such as planners and building control officers who work to bring these applications forward on a daily basis. It is clearly essential that we continue our on-going work to remove the barriers that hinder the rate of renewable energy penetration.

The internship can vary from 3 – 5 days per week, usually from 9am – 4pm and all interns will receive a generous daily expense rate. The internship should form part of an internship programme that you are required to undertake as part of your qualifications or part of a funded programme, such as ERASMUS.

Job title: Project Management Intern
Reporting to: Senior Project Manager

The Project Management Intern will support the Project Management Team by: 
- Providing support to the Project Manager in completing feasibility studies, Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROC) accreditation, Small Scale Photovoltaics (SSPV) accreditations and on-going connected work.
- Preparing reports and information as required for specific projects.
-  Maintaining and developing  Action Renewables’ relationship with the Statutory Agencies, NIE ltd, Ofgem and Electricity Supply Companies and to identify and take action on areas of co-operation which help facilitate the deployment of renewables.
- Key Client Management: Provide back up to project managers with client management.
- Participate in other Action Renewables activities as demanded from time-to-time.

- Currently studying a programme that requires you to undertake an industrial placement.
- Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office, in particular Word and Excel.
- Excellent time management skills.
- Experience of report preparation and completion.
- Working knowledge of renewables.

To apply for this position, please send your CV to before Friday 3rd August. Along with your CV, please clearly state when you would like to start and the placement duration.

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Action Renewables
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