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What are ROCs?
The Renewables Obligation is the Government’s main mechanism for encouraging the generation of renewable electricity. It was launched in Northern Ireland, in 2005 as the Northern Ireland Renewables Obligation (NIRO). This mechanism rewards generators with certificates, called Northern Ireland Renewables Obligation Certificates (NIROCs), often referred to as ROCs. The NIRO works by placing an obligation on electricity supply companies to prove that they have sold renewable electricity by presenting an increasing number of ROCs to the Government once per year. If they do not present ROCs, the electricity supply companies will pay a fine relative to the shortfall in their ROC holdings, which is subsequently distributed to those supply companies which have presented ROCs. This mechanism has therefore created a market in ROCs and they are currently being traded across the UK.

ROCs are awarded on all electricity generated, not just electricity exported to the grid. They can represent a significant proportion of the economic benefits of the generator, including technologies such as anaerobic digestion, wind turbines, hydroelectric plant, photovoltaic (PV) systems and biomass CHP amongst others. In order to receive ROCs, it is essential that generators are accredited by the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (OFGEM).

Action Renewables realises that many renewable electricity generators are not maximising their financial returns within the NIRO mechanism and offers innovative services to deliver the best financial option for the generator.

If you have a small generator, less than 50kW in size, such as a domestic solar PV system, click here to visit the solar page.

What we do

In order to maximise the financial returns offered by generating renewable electricity, Action Renewables has developed services to support the owners of the generating equipment and guide them through the complexity of the Renewables Obligation.

We are a market leader in the provision of ROC Accreditation and ROC Trading services for commercial Renewable Energy Generators across the UK. Our dedicated ROC Team has extensive experience in dealing with OFGEM. Action Renewables has unrivalled knowledge of the OFGEM eligibility criteria and accreditation process and due to accrediting such large numbers of clients, we have established relationships with OFGEM to streamline our clients through the process.

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Action Renewables has developed services to support the owners of the generating equipment


A renewable electricity generator must be accredited by OFGEM in order to participate in the NIRO and receive ROCs. Action Renewables can advise and assist generators with this process, particularly if the generator also wishes to trade ROCs with Action Renewables. There are some fundamental requirements to receive ROCs, click here to find out more.

How we can help:
Action Renewables can remove the burden of accreditation. The following services are included for free when you trade your ROCs with us:

  • Information gathering and set-up of ROC account with
  • OFGEM by dedicated ROC Team
  • Successfully managing your application through to accreditation and beyond
  • Ongoing OFGEM submission of meter readings and handling of ROCs
  • Access to our contacts within; Stormont, DETI, OFGEM, The UR, NIE, and others in the marketplace
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Power trading

Talk to us about exporting energy from your business and how you can increase your revenue.

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Gavin Rolston, Planning Director, Clyde Shanks

“We have worked very successfully with Action Renewables on a wide range of renewable energy projects over the past six years and have found their staff to be responsive, knowledgeable and well respected within the industry.  We would have no hesitation in recommending Action Renewables to our clients for their renewable energy projects.”

Gavin Rolston, Planning Director, Clyde Shanks

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